Hello Abel! Just wanted to keep you posted on pics of Fiona.
What an amazing pup. Well done on what you do! Thanks again.

Ryan K.

I thought you would appreciate an update on our puppy. He is a little over 5 months old now and doing well. Our daughter named him Velcro, after reading about the breed. The name completely fits. He sticks by us and all yard debris sticks to him. 😉

He loves our shoes and herding our kids but he is full of love. We continue giving your contact info out to numerous people. The minute people see him, they are intrigued. One of our friends purchased a puppy from you, not long after us and they are thrilled with her.

Jodie Tyrie Indianapolis, IN
Oakley is fitting in just fine with us! He sure is a sweetie.

Marykay T.
We have been busy enjoying every day with this little guy. He has been an amazing pup. He is 100% a momma’s boy. “DJ” (Don Juan) is always right by my side anywhere I go. If I am not in his eyesight he is looking for me. He is so smart and so easy to teach new things. We had potty training down within a few days!!!! I think he was already trained!!

He loves going in golf carts and car rides. He loves to play with his dog friends in our neighborhood. He had his first camping trip this year and loved every minute of it sitting on the patio, going on early morning walks and just chilling.

He loves to round up our son and the neighbor boys when they are playing outside. It’s a win for the moms. The dog is tired and the kids get tired as well.

We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He has earned our trust in being out of the kennel during the night to sleep.

Rebecca Adlington

We searched the internet for our new dog and struggled looking. Everywhere we turned, someone or some site was warning us about buying a dog off the internet. Before we made our decision, we called… What an amazing call that was.

They were honest, straight forward and caring. She reminded me from day one of my first dog and her breeder some 30 years ago. When I got off the phone, my wife and I knew she was the right breeder.

Abel and Kizzie were easy to talk with. They responded to emails and kept me up to date on the progress of Duke, our new puppy. Abel was as eager to meet us, as we were to get our new puppy, a good sign when it comes to breeders.

Breeders should have a desire to meet the people where their puppies are going to their forever homes. We couldn’t drive down to meet her and Duke until the day we picked him up. We went on faith.

As the days went by, I had more and more questions. Abel had no problem answering them for me. I knew we had made the right decision. To this day, we still send updates to Aussiedoodle.com. They welcome the emails and the new pictures of Duke. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy. He is amazing, the entire process was just perfect.

Heidi and Tim, Cincinnati, Ohio
My neighbor sent me the website of Aussiedoodle.com and changed all our lives for the better. I contacted Kizzie (who was a pleasure to work with) and saw the pictures of their newest aussie doodle litter. The one I wanted was in high demand and thus I said yes to this little girl as she stole my heart in her first picture. I had to wait as it was too hot in Arizona to fly her here and I contemplated picking her up. I did!!!!

Besides being beautiful and soft like cotton, she arrived with the most wonderful of personalities. She is soooo smart that she is the star pupil of her puppy kindergarten class at PetSmart. She loves to play and loves both people and animals alike. At just 5 months, my partner and I took her to an outdoor restaurant patio and she behaved like the little lady that she is.

Samuel Fritzinger, AZ

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