Our Standards

Our Standards

Responsible breeding requires a lot of planning, skill and experience. It’s not nearly as simple as pairing two physically healthy dogs together and hoping for the best.

It’s critical that these decisions take into consideration the heritable health conditions that affect their breed, each individual dog’s health testing, and considering the parents’ temperaments, overall health, pedigrees, and conformation in order to make the best matches.

We have collected experiences over decades and developed an intuition for bringing puppies into the world that are both physically and behaviorally healthy. We strive to have this crucial depth of knowledge and expertise, as well as up and coming breeders with a desire to learn more.

We always prioritize the physical and emotional health, and well-being of our breeding dogs above all else.

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Physical Health Of The Dogs

Aussiedoodle.com always puts the physical health of their dogs first.

There are breed-specific health tests that we have performed on our breeding dogs to screen for diseases and conditions in order to decrease the likelihood of producing puppies with heritable conditions.

While health testing is a critical and important aspect of our breeding program, it is only one of many factors that we take into account. Aussiedoodle.com considers other aspects of the dogs’ health that aren’t currently covered by health screening, such as

allergies, GI issues, behavioral and character types, etc. We also look to make sure the breeding dogs and puppies receive the regular and specialized veterinary care and nutrition they need and deserve. We regularly treat with high-value treats that are made from the freshest ingredients. In addition to their regular high protein meals they are supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals needed to grow healthy, happy and terrific-looking, and feeling pups!

Our Aussies, Poodles, Golden Retrievers, and Aussiedoodles are bred at an appropriate age (not too young or too old) and at a frequency that’s safe for their long-term well-being. We also make sure our puppies are well raised and well-fed and take all basic steps necessary to care for their puppies, such as vaccinations and deworming. We stay up all night to make sure our puppies are safe and are healthy from day one till they go to live in their new furever homes.

We’ve worked closely with our advisors, which include the nation’s leading experts in canine reproduction, breeding management, and pediatric care, to develop community standards regarding canine reproduction and physical health. Along with our advisors, we are always reviewing the latest research developments and updates in canine health and veterinary care and gathering information from consultations with veterinary and scientific experts, breed clubs, and the relevant scientific literature.

Accordingly, we continue to develop new policies and we note that our community standards, including our policies with respect to the physical health of dogs, are subject to continual revisions as new research becomes available.

Mental Health Of Our Dogs

Aussiedoodle.com ensures that our breeding dogs’ emotional, and cognitive needs are met by ensuring they receive appropriate stimulation, activity, and social interaction. We are also devoted to producing behaviorally sound puppies.
Aussiedoodle.com has experience with training and behavior, and put a lot of effort into ensuring our puppies have safe and stimulating early life experiences. By exposing our puppies to different sounds and sensations, people of many different appearances and ages, as well as other animals, and beginning basic training using methods such as positive training we prepare our puppies for successful transitions into their new homes. We also make sure our puppies never leave their mother or littermates until they are old enough to easily transition to their new home, which is usually no sooner than eight weeks of age.


Aussiedoodle.com ensures our dogs have a clean, comfortable, safe, stimulating, and enriching environment so our breeding dogs and puppies will thrive.

Environment is a critical factor in the physical, mental, and emotional health of breeding dogs and puppies. Aussiedoodle.com provides opportunities for our dogs to engage in activities such as retrieving or swimming, toys to play with and things to chew, and comfortable resting areas protected from the weather. Housing areas are regularly cleaned and maintained in a way that ensures the health and well-being of dogs and puppies.

Our Dogs are all pups to us and they live in our home/homes as one of our family members just as you will with your new addition!

Reasons You Should Adopt From Us

2 Year Guarantee

We offer a two-year health guarantee with all our puppies and a 7-day return policy. Inquire for details

Genetic Testing

We screen our puppy parents for all known inherited diseases and traits with 99% accuracy.

Physical & Emotional Health

We always prioritize the physical and emotional health, and well-being of our breeding dogs above all else, including financial gain.

Safely Shipped

We've safely delivered over 64 puppies to their new homes. We can do the same for you!

What Others Say About Puppies They Adopted

Below are just a few of our most recent testimonials who receive their new furry family member.

Heidi and "Duke"

We searched the internet for our new dog and struggled looking.... Abel and Kizzie were easy to talk with. They responded to emails and kept me up to date on the progress of Duke, our new puppy....

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy. He is amazing, the entire process was just perfect.

Liz and “Rose"

Baby girl is doing great! Leaah no problem! She goes out the pet door and hangs with the chickens every morning. Operation “puppy dog” has been a hit with my daughter.

Rebecca and "Doc"

We have been busy enjoying every day with this little guy. He has been an amazing pup.

We had potty training down within a few days!!!! I think he was already trained!!

We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He has earned our trust in being out of the kennel during the night to sleep.

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