How Do I Get A Puppy?

First, complete our health guarantee and contract!

Thankfully, this is the most boring part about getting your puppy!

Second, after receiving a response to your application, you can place a deposit to reserve your puppy, or a spot on our waitlist.

If your puppy is already born:

We will keep you in the loop with pictures/videos, and we will begin puppy picks at 4 to 5 weeks. After your pick, we will figure out how you are wanting to get your puppy home or picked up when they are ready at 8 weeks. We charge a boarding fee of $15 a day to hold your puppy if it has not been picked up after a week of it being ready!

If your puppy is not born yet:

Your deposit is holding a puppy out of a future litter. We will keep you in the loop on pairings and when the puppies are born. Lastly, your puppy must be paid in full by time of pick-up or delivery.

Learn more about the payment process for your new doodle puppy.

Making a Deposit/Payment

To reserve one of our puppies, you would first need to place a deposit.

We encourage all of our customers to be 100% committed to us before placing a deposit. A deposit is seen as a commitment to a puppy from us, we are/or will be holding a puppy for you. If you are unsure of your decision, wait and ask us any questions you may have!

Your deposit is mostly refundable (see the terms section for the specifics).

You are allowed to pass to the next litter if you do not wish to choose a puppy from the current litter. To keep the list fair for everyone, we want to keep each person to 24 hours per pick.

The deposit is $315 of which $15 is a processing fee, and the $300 will go towards the price of your puppy.

We accept:
Debit/Credit Cards, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Cash
Your information is secure and private.

What will come with my puppy?

We will provide the following with your puppy:

-Your puppy will be bathed, have their nails trimmed and groomed!

-A scent blanket or toy with the mother’s and litter’s scent.

-A complete puppy starter kit is available and is often included with any puppy sold.

-1.5lb sample of Puppy food so as to make transitioning to your choice of food.

-Health Guarantee/Contract

-USDA Health Certificate

-Vaccination Schedule/Record

-Deworming Schedule/Record

-AKC Microchip implanted and registered option if chosen before pickup of course – a $200 value! We will need your puppy’s chosen name before the point of registration if you would like this done!

How do we get the puppy?

Learn more about the pick-up/delivery process for your new doodle puppy.

We welcome our customers to come out and pick up their puppy in person, but we have other options as well! There are a few other options for you to get your puppy:

-Cargo Shipping: $500

-Third-Party Flight Nanny Service: $600-750

-If you fly into the Louisville airport, we can meet you at the airport for $75.

-An employee can drive the puppy to you for the rate of $1 a mile up to 500 miles (please inquire if you are only slightly over this).

-One of our employees can personally fly the puppy to you for the price of the ticket plus $500. This will cover the cost of travel, parking, and employee time. If an overnight stay is needed, this cost may be higher.

Are you ready to adopt your newest family member?

All of our puppies are home-trained and come with a 2 year health guarantee

Dogs Adopted

We take pride in making sure our puppies find a perfect family fit. We work with the puppies to tailor-fit for the family's individual and unique needs.

Health Screenings

We screen our puppy parents for all known inherited diseases and traits with 99% accuracy.

Safely Shipped

We've safely delivered over 64 puppies to their new homes. We can do the same for you!

Year Guarantee

We offer a two-year health guarantee with all our puppies and a 7-day return policy. Call for more details.

What Others Say About Puppies They Adopted

Below are just a few of our most recent testimonials who receive their new furry family member.

Heidi and "Duke"

We searched the internet for our new dog and struggled looking.... Abel and Kizzie were easy to talk with. They responded to emails and kept me up to date on the progress of Duke, our new puppy....

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy. He is amazing, the entire process was just perfect.

Liz and “Rose"

Baby girl is doing great! Leaah no problem! She goes out the pet door and hangs with the chickens every morning. Operation “puppy dog” has been a hit with my daughter.

Rebecca and "Doc"

We have been busy enjoying every day with this little guy. He has been an amazing pup.

We had potty training down within a few days!!!! I think he was already trained!!

We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He has earned our trust in being out of the kennel during the night to sleep.

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