Aussiedoodle Dog Grooming Tips

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Aussiedoodle Dog Grooming Tips

Aug 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Aussiedoodle Dog Grooming doesn’t have to be difficult. The trick is to start off with the proper grooming equipment, and the desire to a clean and healthy pet.

These Aussiedoodle Dog Grooming Tips will hopefully help everyone.

Dog Grooming Tips: Equipment

Flexible Head Slicker Brushes

The Flexible Head Slicker Brushes are our Favorite. Flexible Slicker Brushes cut  Aussiedoodle grooming time in half. There are some very expensive ones but the ones iI have found cost less then 15.00 and work just as well.

Shedding Comb

A Shedding Comb. These combs have different length of comb Teeth and helps to get through the hair coat easier.

Dematting  Rake

A Dematting  Rake. These are wonderful to cut through the matts, but be carefully you can injure a dog if you get in too big of a hurry.


Dog Grooming Tips :Shampoos and More

**Shampoo. This depends on what you like and if your dog has any certain hair coat needs. Personally I Love the shampoo you can purchase from , this shampoo is all natural, with some natural oils that are repelling fleas and ticks. It is safe to use on all ages of dogs puppies cats or kittens.

**Conditioner Always use conditioner as a last step in bathing. This rinses all the shampoo out of the hair coat. Always rinse your dog well. Shampoo residue can cause some major skin issues. This rinses the coat throughly, getting all the soap out, Using human grade conditioner works well, I use Suave

Brush your dog throughly, With one hand push up the hair coat, and brush down in a curving motion. Starting at the leg area and working up seems to work best. Make sure to brush behind the ears and skirt if you have a shaggy Aussiedoodle.

Comb through the entire coat to make sure you didn’t miss any matt’s or undercoat if your Aussiedoodle has allot of coat.

Dog Grooming Tips  (The Bath)

Now its time for the Bath. I suggest investing in a tub restraint. This helps to keep your Aussiedoodle under control, with less mess. Shampoo well massaging the shampoo in well. Rinse throughly, then Repeat. Apply Conditioner, Rinse well.  Towel Dry. Bathing should not be done more then every 2 weeks so as not to dry out the coat that can cause skin issues.

** Clean Ears: I suggest a good quality Ear cleaner. My experience is that those that the vets sell are not that effective. I have found a excellent ear cleaner that is actually working! Amazing I know!! I have had 2 poodles with cronic ear infections their entire lives, nothing the vets prescribed worked, then I used OxyFresh . I flushed ears for 3 days, wiping clean with a paper towel, then for 3 days I wet a Paper towel with oxyfresh and wiped the ears, then the next 3 days I flushed the ears wiping clean, after that the ears on both these dogs was cleared up!! After spending so much money with veterinarians for antibiotics and ear cleaner, this 12.00 bottle did the job!!! Order here:

** Dry well with towel. There are numerous dryer’s that attaches to a dog crate that are fairly inexpensive that can be purchased online.I highly recommend investing in one.

**Once your Aussiedoodle is dry. Brush and comb out again

Aussiedoodle Dog  Grooming Tips :The Trim

Trimming up your Aussiedoodle can be done. If you are comfortable with scissors and clippers, if not leave that to the professionals. Keeping your Aussiedoodle Brush out and fresh and clean will not only make your Aussiedoodle feel good, but also when you take to be groomed it wont cost you so much.

Aussiedoodle grooming can be fun for both you and your dog. I hope that you have found these dog grooming tips helpful.

Make it a habit to just watch TV and brush and comb your Aussiedoodle. This will not only get your Aussiedoodle puppy to like being groomed but it makes bonding with your Aussiedoodle fun and rewarding.


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